Where can I pay LIC premium?

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Let us find out centers nearby where can we pay LIC premium across the counter.

LIC Branch Offices & Satellite Sampark Offices

As per records available on 31.03.2018, there were 8 Zonal Offices located at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Bhopal and Patna. There were 113 Divisional Offices, 2,048 Branch Offices, 1,431 Satellite Offices (SOs) and 1,226 Mini Offices. Divisional Offices monitor and control the operations. Branch Offices procure business and are responsible for all customer interface transactions. Satellite Offices also procure business and are responsible for immediate customer services required. Mini offices are opened as per finance minister’s budget 2013-14 in all towns of India with a population of 10,000 or more with an objective of Spreading Insurance Awareness and penetration. Mini offices are responsible for immediate customer services required.

Find out your nearest LIC branch from here.

Premium Collection through Merchants

LIC designates authorized agents, retired employees, associates and chief organizers as Merchants to collect the renewal premiums on behalf of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Usually their eligibility criteria for this scheme is decided by Marketing Department of Central office. LIC empowers merchants with a full fledged website.

Premium Points

In tune with the increasing Customer Expectation for more conveniences in policy servicing, the Corporation has empowered selected agents to collect the Renewal Premium through their Collection Centres called as Premium Point. At present, there are approximately 34,921 Authorized Agents across the country who can collect the premium (including ULIP and Health Insurance Policies) in CASH or CHEQUE. A valid receipt will be issued with their signature and no other receipt will be issued by LIC. Premium paid status against policies will be updated on then and there.


This service started w.e.f. 18 September 2007.


Authorized Retired LIC Employees are allowed to collect the renewal premiums on behalf of LIC w.e.f. 01 September 2010.

Locate your nearest premium point by following this link.

Life Plus

Selected Development Officers called SBAs are authorized to collect the premium both in Cash and Cheque and issue receipt instantly. Their Collection Centres are referred to as Life Plus. Premiums can be collected for Conventional, ULIP and Health Insurance policies. At present, approximately 3,252 SBAs and 92 ASBAs (Aspiring SBAs) are enabled to collect premium.


Premium Collection is available from 1st of June 2009.


LICAs are Retired Development Officers of LIC and their channel is active from 1st July 2016.

Chief Organizer (LIC Direct MARKETING )

Premium collection through Chief Organizer channel is in force from 05th September 2018.


Banks can collect premium through ATMs also. At present, Corporation Bank and ICICI Bank have enabled this facility. Premium Collection facility for all (excluding ULIP & Health Insurance) in-force policies other than Monthly Mode and Salary Savings Scheme is available under EBPP and through ATM. E-receipts are sent to the registered email-id of customers.

At any branch of Axis Bank, City Union Bank, IDBI Bank & Corporation Bank

Premium payments can be made in any branch or extension counter (if any) throughout India by cash or cheque drawn on that Bank. As this facility is offered by the aforesaid banks only for their account holders, NO payment through cheque drawn on any other bank is permitted. Cheque drawn on that Bank where you are paying your premium ALONE is accepted.


A digital gateway by the Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to facilitate payment collection. At present only cash mode is enabled and NO cheques will be accepted. If you are in these states, you can find your nearest center here.


A payment collection facility offered by the Government of Madhya Pradesh(MP). Cash is the only mode and cheque payment is NOT permitted. Nearest MPOnline centre can be traced here.

Suvidha Infoserve Pvt. Ltd.

It is a Collection Center pan India for bill collection. Suvidha provides payment facilities for Utility Bill Payments, Renewal Insurance Premium Collection, Internet, Phone, DTH Recharges etc. You can reach their website from here.

They also maintain a Toll Free helpline number : 1800-225-225 and you can reach them on 9223225225 as well.

CSC Centers through CSC e-Governance Service India Ltd

The Common Services Center (CSC) scheme is part of the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). There are more than 1.25 lac CSC centers throughout the country. Out of which approx 60631 have been activated for LIC Premium collection. Other Collection Centers are gradually being enabled for collection of premiums. Currently only cash is accepted and NO cheque payment is permitted.

CSC center in your neighborhood can be located by toll free number : 1800-121-3468 or by visiting this link.

Note: Out of the options listed above, when you are paying through any Branch of Axis Bank or City Union Bank or IDBI Bank or Corporation Bank/ APONLINE/ MPONLINE/ Suvidha Infoserve Pvt. Ltd./ CSC Centers through CSC e-Governance Service India Ltd, you will get the premium receipt immediately at the counter. Here again, even if payment is made for more than one policy by the policy holder, a Single receipt will be issued. No further receipt will be neither issued nor sent by post from LIC side. That receipt is valid, signed and is issued by the corresponding authority. This receipt can be submitted to IT department for Tax exemptions. You can verify online for update status of premium, which normally happens immediately. Premium can be paid for all In force ordinary policies. Premiums for ULIP, Health and E-term policies are not accepted. One can pay the premium 30 days in advance of the due date or till the policy grace period mentioned in your policy document. Final due premium (ie just before maturity) under quarterly & monthly mode cannot be paid online or bank. NO EXTRA CHARGES will be levied.

Rupay & Other Debit Cards/ Credit Cards Payment of premiums through POS Terminals: Renewal Premium can be paid by Policyholders using Debit Cards or credit cards only at POS machines installed at selected Branches and Premium Points of authorized Merchants. They may be used for online payment as well.

Terms and conditions for paying premiums through merchants

  • Premium can be paid only for In force, Ordinary policies.
  • Policies under all modes viz. YLY, HLY, QLY & MLY ordinary except E-Term plan (Table no 825) are eligible for collection
  • Salary Savings Scheme (SSS) mode registered policies and Premium for NACH mode cannot be paid through this channel. However for NACH mode enabled policies, premium will be accepted only if last NACH transaction is dishonored and during the in-process state of the NACH mandate.
  • Renewal Premium can be collected for ULIP & HEALTH Policies also.
  • Premium can be paid in CASH as well as through CHEQUE.
  • Outstation cheques are not accepted.
  • POS terminals are also allotted at selected Premium Points, to make payment with debit/ credit cards.
  • Late fee is calculated @ 9.5% and minimum late fee is INR 5.
  • Advanced premium paying is allowed up to 30 days before the Due Date.
  • Premium can be collected for current Financial Year (April to March)
  • If already registered under BILL PAY please do not use this channel as duplicate debit of premiums are more likely.
  • No service charges are required to be paid by the policy holders to avail this facility.

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