Will I Live Beyond 55?

Many of us may find this objection funny; the more funnier part is, those who have this concern are pretty much confident that they will not die tomorrow or next week or next month or next year even. Don’t laugh!

We will DIE for sure – but When?

From time unknown, death has its claws on mankind. So as science evolved over centuries, our thirst to conquer death also grew. Let us first discuss the knowledge advancements we made so far in addressing this issue.

What Researchers Say About Aging

As a matter of fact, aging and death are correlated. So the research today is going in that direction. If we can prolong aging; we can prolong death.

An article published in BBC.com having the title The Ambitious Quest To Cure Ageing Like A Disease by Britt Wray explains that some researchers, however, believe we may be thinking about these conditions (aging and related issues) in the wrong way. They say we should start treating ageing itself as a disease – one that can be prevented and treated.

Some scientists on the other hand thinks, old age is associated with a bunch of deceases. So if we can find a cure for these deceases, curing aging is much easier. Hence their modus operandi is based on, how we can increase the resistance of human body to so called old age deceases. Examples being heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease etc. Meaning, if we can cure such deceases, on a 100 year whole life, we are going to be YOUNG most of the time!

Let us look at some more related findings.

A scientific paper published in NCBI by Biomedical Ethics Unit, McGill University, Canada on Life extension research: an analysis of contemporary biological theories and ethical issues sheds some light on contemporary ideas about aging processes and describes several current life extension technologies.

Another great scientist Michio Kaku also shares the same idea of arresting aging in the near future in his popular lectures.

You may also be interested to watch a popular youtube video about aging.

In short, because of the progress in medicinal research, in a not so far away future, human race will cure aging like polio, typhoid, measles, tetanus, yellow fever, smallpox, diphtheria and chicken pox! No aging means living longer. Are you listening?

Life Expectancy – we are on the rise

A more apparent example might be; the Average Life Expectancy in India is 68 years as on 2014. You can read an article published by FirstPost on this topic here.

Life expectancy increase is a global phenomenon. Major contributors to this is the technical advancement in the field of medical sciences and the availability of new medicines. Many of the operable diseases are now become day-care-procedures.

Moreover we must not ignore the fact that, over the past few years our work environments, food habits and many such contributing factors for a healthy living have improved a lot.

Don’t fool yourself

Death is certain; when is uncertain. This uncertainty about future led you and me and the whole mankind to the latest lifestyles of today.

Think of this. We are googling now and then for foods and nutritional supplements. Some are even taking a step further and going for exercises and regular health checkups. All this and more for only one single reason; Live longer and stay fit. But the same us when it comes to regular savings and protection, hardly believes we will live longer! A mere contradiction.

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