Do my family really need insurance?

I do believe, this is a more polished way to express a very straight forward question, “Why to Give Money to My Spouse and Children, if I Die ?”. I’m no way in a position to understand, what makes you feel so bad for your family. I do agree that every one of us have our expectations about our life. But many a times those same anticipations are the major cause for our break down. But whom to blame? Rather than accepting the truth, feel or declare that (someone or something) is responsible for the misery in our life is not right indeed.

How to deal with expectations

Everyone of us are living today with a sky rocketed list of expectations; but left with just two options. Either fulfill them or control them. For fulfilling every dream we need money, wisdom and time.

Young ages we are thriving for money. We are often hesitant to listen to the advises of scholarly people. How many of us are really making the best use of time to work effectively. Our only focus is earning money. But we are reluctant to maintain a time table and regular savings from our earnings.

Nobody stops us from fulfilling our dreams. But if we are not disciplined, do not blame others for our inability to live up our dreams​, neither society nor family.

Reading How To Live A Purposeful Life From Where You Are Now might be of a little help.

You are responsible

Everything in life has a price. If your family gave you happiness, support, strength and urge to live; you are responsible to revert. You had options to live single. You had options to have no kids. You made them as you needed them. Spouse also, you chose them, for one reason or other.

So it is our responsibility to make our family’s future bright; bring happiness to their faces. Our neighborhood uncle can probably gift a chocolate on our child’s birthday. He need not worry about the socioeconomic well being of our children and spouse.

But as I said, these are my personal perceptions. If you are not happy with sharing a fortune with your family, let it be.

Life Insurance is a wonderful idea : at least for your future

Old age people are seeking reputation. But how many old people do we really repute? Again when they are seeking respect, our mind asks what they have achieved in life, so that we should respect them. The same case will follow us too, as we are also growing old.

Old age needs financial freedom and reputation. Of course, financial independence comes from disciplined savings. A person who enjoys life long pension/regular income is going to enjoy reverence during his old age.

Financial Independence – We Achieve

Life Insurance is a gift you are giving yourself in the first place. Because, surely you are going to be alive post 55. But your earning potential beyond 50 is really a matter of concern. We can not pacify ourselves thinking, somehow I can manage things post retirement. So a proper retirement and savings plan in LIC will really help you stay independent throughout your life. Pension throughout life is an assured reward for your savings.

Reputation – We Gain

Now let us look at the other side of life, death. Suppose we were saving for our future and prematurely we have been called by the heaven. A life insurance policy is a best way to say, I Care. Might be when alive we couldn’t do much for our family’s well being. But our death may compensate the whole loss.

As every other thing, cremation charges & other ritual expenses are also on the rise! Don’t be a burden to our family, at least at the time of our death.

YOU Need A Plan

Alive or Dead, we need a plan for our future. It is foolish to reject a life insurance policy on sentimental grounds. If you are still not feeling for others, feel for you. Because nobody loves you as YOU do.

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