How much Retirement Income do you need?

This is a VERY IMPORTANT Question which Everybody needs to ask ourselves. Till the date of retirement, we shall be having Sufficient Money in the form of either Salary or Business Income. The General Thumb Rule for RETIREMENT INCOME for Everybody is:

Min 70% of our Present Income

Assume a Person was earning 1 lac per month in the last stage before retirement. Then, the Income that he/she should receive during Retirement Period should be at least Rs.70,000. Only then, the Same Standard of Living can be enjoyed.

Guaranteed Method of Savings

I’m going to explain what is “Guaranteed Method of Savings” and why it is Very Important for Retirement Life. Guaranteed Method of Savings is NOTHING but securing our Hard-earned Money in 100% Safe Investments to take care of our Life after Retirement. Eventhough there are Numerous Portfolios like Equity, Mutual Funds, Postal Schemes like PPF, Bank Deposits etc, we need to find out the BEST PORTFOLIO that not only provides RISK COVER today but also guarantee us FIXED INCOME during Retirement.

JEEVAN SHANTI with DEFERRED OPTION is the ONLY Guaranteed Method of Savings in our Country which can address every eventuality Precisely. It gives HUGE RISK COVER during Deferment, it also gives “Tds-free” Monthly Pension from Retirement. Not only this, it also gives 110% of the Invested amount to the Nominee after the demise of Annuitant. Explain this Concept to Middle-aged HNIs and advise them to go for JEEVAN SHANTI (Deferred). Their Retired Life would be Safe & Peaceful.

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